Glatt Kosher Cruises 2015



All Suite Life Cruises are under the supervision of Rabbi Levi Teitlebaum or Rabbi Yossi Birnbaum.  Contact information is listed below. 

R` Levi Teitlebaum 
Rabbi Teitlebaum has 15 years experience in the kashrus field, including 12 years as the Administrator of the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Colombia(ORCBC). He currently serves as Rabbinic Field Representative for the Orthodox Union(OU), Kashrus Council of Canada(COR), and Montreal Kosher(MK) among others.  Rabbi Teitelbaum resides in Ottowa where he is the Director of the Ottowa Vaad HaKashrus(OVH).

613 255 5829

R` Yossi Birnbaum
Rabbi Birnbaum has 18 years experience in kashrus as the Rabbinical Coordinator & Chief Supervisor of the Chicago Rabbinical Council(CRC). Rabbi Birnbaum currently resides in Har Nof, Israel where he is the Israeli Field Representative of DSJ Global Kashrus Organization. As a caterer as well as a Rabbi, he has extensive knowledge of all aspects of a ship's kitchen from a food prep, cooking & baking standpoint as well as a kashrus outlook.

773 353 5079
011 972 54 316 4848