Fun at the Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island, For Kids of All Ages

Serpent Slide

After my blog about the Atlantis hotel posted, I realized that true to my egg head nature (I wanted to be an archeologist when I was a kid), I spent so much time on the history of the place, I failed to elaborate about the immensely fun things the place has to offer.

So we’ll start with the kids- the 11 pools and 20 swimming areas are a built in entertainment, with most barely ever changing out of their bathing suit, turning coconut brown despite the waterproof sunscreen and a little hoarse from squealing with excitement. You’ll have to bribe them to come up for food but the smile on their  (and your) face will make it worthwhile.

The younger kids will enjoy the tube slides and water cannons at the Splashers (named ‘just for them’ and bound to make them feel like tiny VIPs. The Ripples  have mini slides,which are safe and great fun for the young energizer bunnies.

Then there is the Mayan Temple pool for the whole family, with it’s stunning waterfalls, and The Baths, with their large deck. You can soak up the sun and erelax or plunge down the Slides. Or do both.

There are some more intense experiences for the Tweens and teens amongst us:  The Leap of Faith, which is a 60 foot, almost vertical drop and and makes one feel like a Super Hero and the Serpent slide,a twisting ride, with moments of total darkness and descent into the shark lagoon, through a clear tunnel.

Kids 3-12 can partake in a variety of activities designed to bring out the artist in them, discovering talents they didn’t know they had: cooking classes, directing and acting in their own movies and experimenting in visual art, creating virtual postcards they can say later: this was my first attempt at art and it gave me my true passion.

Atlantis show stoppers are the habitats of the marine life and the resort has the largest open air aquarium in the world. There is also the 141 acre water park (both free), and has the most diverse and brilliantly colored sea life. Over 250 species and 50,000 critters live in the 14 lagoons, filled with 8 million gallons of fresh salt water. Spiny lobsters, sea horses so cute you’d want to adopt them.  Indoor at The Dig, six foot long Moray eels, iridescent jelly fish ,spotted eagle rays surrounded by schools of fantastically colored tropical fish live in the Ruins Lagoon. For certified scuba divers the Lagoon will provide a swim alongside Hammerhead, Blacknose and Reeftip sharks. Even if you just walk thru the acrylic tunnel of the Predator Lagoon, you will experience these most dreaded of creatures zigging by you.

By now we’re at the subject of my previous article- swimming with the dolphins, patting stingrays, becoming trainer for a day and really interacting with sea lions and dolphins.

For those interested in gambling, there is a world class casino, and for adults and adolescents plenty of dance and partying.

My preference would be a romantic walk on the beach, your skin caressed by the evening breeze from the ocean, stars and the moon lighting your way on the heavenly soft white sand. Be sure to walk barefoot to let the sand caress your feet. It’s an experience you’ll have embedded in memory for many years to come.

Check out the 2014 Sukkot Kosher Cruise where you could be staying at the Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island for over a week!

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