Glatt Kosher Cruises 2015



Special Time   [ Bernie & Temi Monderer - Los Angeles, CA ]

We had a special time, a relaxed atmosphere and a feeling of camaraderie!

Nothing Better   [ Leslie & Lore Ney - Edison NJ ]

 "On the last night at dinner a question was thrown out by one of the 4 couples at our table: If you could, what would you have done differently to make this cruise even better? All 8 of us had the same response-nothing!"

Magical Experience   [ Ken and Aviva Hacker, Sydney, Australia ]

 "The trip was absolutely magical... Large extent due to magnificent organizational skills-for which we thank you!"

Great Time   [ Harvey & Doris Bernstein-Washington Hts., NY ]

 "We had a great time-keep up the good work!"

New Brochure   [ Moishe & Rachel Fuchs-Brooklyn, NY ]

 "We are eagerly awaiting your next brochure!"

You Did Good   [ PK & Jodi Koenigsberg-Miami Bch., FL ]

"Josh... you did good!"

Outstanding   [ Steven & Florence Littwin-Bronx, NY ]

"One word - OUTSTANDING!" 

We Just Keep Coming Back!   [ Stan & Bernice Weiss ]

 Best vacation in years-would do it again in a heartbeat! Three generations vacationed together and there was something for everyone... and we loved the food!

Dream Come True   [ Joel & Martha Wilensky ]

"Thank You... you made our dream come true!"

Joel & Martha Wilensky-W.Hempstead, NY

Thank You Suite Life!   [ Lipa & Rivky Landau ]

I just want to take a moment to thank you. We enjoyed every second of it, and the memories will last forever. You had every detail in mind and you deserve the proper recognition for that. Keep up the good work... we`ll see you again next year!